Irked 2.0

by Nick Stefanisko

Pocket Irked 2.0

Vexed 2.0

A Source Forge project

Irked is a block game that is very VERY similar to VEXED, a game for Palm OS.
While 100% of Irked's graphics were ripped from VEXED, Irked contains 90+% new code. Only the levels, the loop that evaluates blocks for removal, level pack decryption, and solutions were taken directly from VEXED.
Like its parent, VEXED, Irked is Open Source/GPL.

The Goal:
Remove all the blocks

To Play:
Drag blocks to open spaces either left or right one space at a time. Blocks will fall due to a downward gravitational pull. When two or more similar blocks settle directly on top of or next to each other, they will be removed.


SH3 Pocket Irked 2.1 Setup
ARM Pocket Irked 2.1 Setup
MIPS Pocket Irked 2.1 Setup
Pocket Irked 2.1 MSeMbeddedVC++ 3.0 source
Other WindowsCE:
Not currently supported due to OS inconsistencies and the fact that I only have a PocketPC.
But you are welcome to download the source and port it.
On my P3/700 Windows 2000 machine, the game runs just like I planned it.
But on my Celeron/400 Windows 98 machine, the animation seems to have been optomized out and it appears to run much faster than it really should. Maybe it has some thing to do with hardware aceleration on the video card. You are of course welcome to download the source and play with it.
Irked 2.0
Pocket Irked 2.0 MSVC++ 6.0 source
Get the origional VEXED 2.0 at: