50 Hand Poker II

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by Nick Stefanisko

Requires 1024x768 (or greater) video resolution
There are many video poker games out there but none I have found are like this latest rage in Vegas.
50 Hand Poker machines give the gambler up to 50 chances to win based on the same "hold" cards. If you get delt a royal flush, it is not one but 50! Got delt a 10 as your high card in an otherwise poopy hand? Hold it, you've got 50 chances to turn it in to something useful. See the pay tables for the pay outs on the various games.
50 Hand Poker II is Open Source/GPL.

The Goal:
Don't loose all your money at once.

To Play:
Select a game.
Adjust the bed and number of hands to your liking.
Press Deal, select the cards you want to hold
Press Draw
Collect your winnings
So simple a your ganny could do it!


Poker II
Poker II MSVC++ 6.0 source